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IP 4K UHD (ultra high definition) CCTV Systems.

Here at Denham Security Systems we offer all the latest types of CCTV systems from the words #1 CCTV manufactures.

Below is what options are currently on offer for all different scenario and price points.

IP High Definition Camera range.

  • IP 2 Megapixel range with dark fighter technology to give you a full colour camera image even in lowest of lighting conditions.
  • IP 5 Megapixel range with a variety of different camera options all providing exceptional picture quality and video analytics.
  • IP 8 Megapixel 4K UHD (ultra high definition) range is the latest offering from Hikvision and is a truly impressive range of cameras / NVR’s.

Analogue High Definition (Turbo HD) Camera range.

  • Turbo HD 2 megapixel range is a very cost effective solution to a HD CCTV system.  This is one of our best sellers for the domestic market.
  • Turbo HD 5 megapiexel range is the latest Turbo offering avalible.

Hikvision cctv


Control your Alarm System from anywhere!

Denham Security Systems Ltd. Home Control + System.

  • Control your alarm system from a dedicated App for your smart phone or tablet from anywhere.
  • Receive instant notifications of any alerts or activations that may occur.
  • Connect via WI-FI or with a LAN cable to your current internet router to save on additional monitoring costs.
  • Compatibly with all wireless and hard wired new installations.
  • Forgetting to set your alarm system is a thing of the past.

Pyronix Home Control 1

Professional, Reliable, Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems.

Fully wireless alarm systems fitted in a day, no mess! no fuss!

From as little as £299
Denham Kit
  • Add extra wireless devices (Door contact, PIR movement sensor, remote setting / unsetting key fob) for only £45 each
  • Add Smoke detection devices for only £82 each
  • Monitoring and maintenance contract for the 1st year for only £112
  • All our devices are 2-way wireless to ensure they are always operating correctly when needed, unlike some other systems on the market.
Prices exclusive of VAT

Top Reasons To Consider a Home Security System

A person’s home is their castle as well as a sanctuary for loved ones, and as such any homeowner would want to do everything within their power to ensure that the contents of those homes are as protected as possible at all times.

One of the best ways to provide this protection is through the installation of a home security system. A security system is beneficial to a homeowner for a variety of reasons, such as the following:

  • Peace of mind. This is naturally the first reason, being that the homeowner has the peace of mind of knowing that their valuables are protected in the event of a home intrusion or robbery.
  •  Lower insurance rates. Many insurance providers offer discounts for homeowners who have active alarm systems installed in their homes. This is due to the fact that there are less claims filed for property loss in homes that have and advertise an active home security system on the premises.
  • Protection against invisible and unanticipated threats. Many home security systems also provide protection against carbon monoxide, smoke, fire, or other threats to the security of a person’s possessions and the safety of their family.
  • Instant notification to alarm monitoring facilities. When an alarm is triggered, a notification is immediately sent to the monitoring company to warn them of a possible break-in or threat to a resident’s well-being. This allows them to dispatch the appropriate responder (fire, ambulance, police) promptly.
  • Theft deterrence. By advertising through the use of the signage and window decals provided by the alarm company that a home has a security system, homeowners can actually deter potential thieves from attempting to break into the property.
  • Absentee notification. If the homeowner and his or her family are not at home, an alarm system can provide notification to the homeowner that an alarm event has been initiated, which prevents the homeowner or their family from walking into the residence during an active emergency or break-in.
  • Remote access to video monitoring. Many alarm systems provide video surveillance, which allows a homeowner to remotely view the video in real-time and observe what is going on in the home as it happens. This is especially beneficial to families who have in-home care providers, if they are concerned about the level of care being delivered to their loved ones.
  • Increase in property value. An active home security system installed in a property raises the value of that property.
  • Disabled and at-risk individual monitoring. Some security systems provide the option of monitoring the physical activity in a home and issuing an alert if no activity is detected within a certain time-frame. This is advantageous for homeowners who have disabled or at-risk family members in the home, because a lack of activity could indicate a potential medical or physical emergency requiring immediate attention.
  • Ease of installation and operation. A home security system’s numerous benefits are further enhanced by how easy a system is to install and operate. Family members of all ages can be instructed on proper use of the system and when it is appropriate to activate an alarm.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why a homeowner should have a home security system installed in their residence. There are practically no disadvantages at all, and the minor expense associated with purchase, installation, and monitoring is easily mitigated by the immeasurable protection provided by the presence of the security system.

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Why does my Alarm system false alarm?

A question that is often asked and can be experienced at any time of day or night regardless of the burglar alarm being on or off

burglar-alarm-user-2 The reason this happens is because your burglar alarm system is constantly monitoring the status of all cables, detectors, keypads and sirens even if you have a wireless system regardless of the alarm being on or off. The alarm sounds to alert that there has been a change or has detected a fault with one or more devices on your system.

The most common fault is usually caused by human error! Make sure in any of the rooms that have detectors that there is nothing likely to move such as balloons, art works hanging from ceilings, wind chimes, plants and curtains moving from an open window etc.

Spiders webs or insects on a detector can also cause your burglar alarm to go off intermittently. Other common problems can be caused by loose detector casings as they have sensitive tamper switches and cables that become slightly damaged over time causing the alarm readings to fluctuate.

Cleaning your detectors regularly using a damp cloth will minimise the chances of a false alarm. Opening or adjusting any burglar alarm system devices yourself will cause the alarm to go off, and a technical fault will appear on your keypad preventing you from using the alarm until it has been reset by an engineer. This is to ensure that no one tampers with the system and cannot be overridden.

If you have checked all the above and the problem still persists, contact Denham Security Systems and book a maintenance visit as the problem will not just go away on its own.  We will come out and investigate the fault and usually come up with the diagnosis and rectify for just a call out fee.

Intruder / Burglar Alarm Systems in Essex

Denham Security Systems Ltd. is your one stop shop for intruder alarm systems be it domestic or commercial

We offer a full service from:

  • Design –  We will tailor make a system to ensure that all of your specific security requirements are met.
  • Installation – Our own fully qualified City & Guilds team will arrive and install your system with minimum mess and will always leave your property clean and tidy.
  • Alarm Monitoring – Whether it’s a new system that we have just fitted or an older system we can take over and monitor all alarm activities to ensure you are always secure 24/7 even when you are not around.  Our alarm receiving centre (ARC) will notify you and your nominated key holder of any activations.
  • Maintenance – We offer maintenance contracts which will include up to two visits per annum to ensure that your system is in full working order, testing any batteries and checking signalling to the ARC, if required.
  • Breakdowns – We offer a full breakdown service if you are experiencing problems with your systems we will attend and try to rectify as soon as possible to ensure that your security is never compromised for long.

We cover all parts of Essex and the surrounding areas

Please contact us for more information – 01268 350115 or [email protected]  

Wireless Alarm Kit Essex from Denham Security Systems Ltd.

Fully wireless alarm systems fitted in a day, no mess! no fuss!

From as little as £299
Denham Kit
  • Add extra wireless devices (Door contact, PIR movement sensor, remote setting / unsetting key fob) for only £45 each
  • Add Smoke detection devices for only £82 each
  • Monitoring and maintenance contract for the 1st year for only £112
  • All our devices are 2-way wireless to ensure they are always operating correctly when needed, unlike some other systems on the market.
Prices exclusive of VAT

Intruder Alarm Smoke Detection in Essex

While many homes have some form of smoke detector / alarm – When was it last tested ? Does it work ? Has it even got a battery in it ?

smoke detection systems
One of the most important safety devices ever fitted in your home is a smoke detector / alarm and it needs to be kept in good working order. Many possessions can be replaced after a fire, but life, family photos and treasured items can be lost forever. That’s why reliable smoke detectors / alarms are a must!

We offer devices that can be connected to your existing intruder alarm system or fitted with a new system. They will notify you of an activation, a low battery or a fault (which could become a disaster) and can even alert you when you are out!.

  • Alarm must be monitored or setup for SMS notifications.
  • Continued connection to the alarm system ensuring device is there when you most need it!
  • Battery back up in the event of a power faliure

Contact us for more details and pricing.

Upgrade your existing Alarm system

Do you have an old alarm system? Not been checked for years? Does it ring when the power goes off?

Denham Security Systems Ltd Yes – then it is probably time to think about upgrading your current system. You can utilise all of your existing cabling for a hassle free upgrade to the latest hi-tech Alarm System.

  • New Control panel and Keypad
  • New backup battery
  • New Bell boxes front and rear for the ultimate deterrent!
  • From as little as £299

New PIR sensors or Pet sensors and Door contact upgrades also available

Prices exclusive of VAT

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