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Intruder Alarm Smoke Detection in Essex

While many homes have some form of smoke detector / alarm – When was it last tested ? Does it work ? Has it even got a battery in it ?

smoke detection systems
One of the most important safety devices ever fitted in your home is a smoke detector / alarm and it needs to be kept in good working order. Many possessions can be replaced after a fire, but life, family photos and treasured items can be lost forever. That’s why reliable smoke detectors / alarms are a must!

We offer devices that can be connected to your existing intruder alarm system or fitted with a new system. They will notify you of an activation, a low battery or a fault (which could become a disaster) and can even alert you when you are out!.

  • Alarm must be monitored or setup for SMS notifications.
  • Continued connection to the alarm system ensuring device is there when you most need it!
  • Battery back up in the event of a power faliure

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